Life Members of Bar Reef Board Riders


  • 2015 - Glenn Baggs, Edward Bassingthwaite, Stephen Fleming

  • 2016 - Kim Griffiths, John Schneider,

  • 2017 - Steve Lane

  • 2019 - Mark Lobb, Jim Wilson, Nick Dalton

  • 2021 - Rob Danovaro

  • 2022 - Brian Masterson

  • 2023 - Gerry Bobsien, Peter Lobb


Criteria to Become a Life Member


  1. Life Membership may be granted by the committee of Bar Reef Board Riders to a person in recognition of services rendered to the club.
  2. Life membership can be granted to a person who has actively served the Club as member, administrator, official or volunteer for a minimum of 10 years.
  3. The person may be elected to Life Membership by resolution carried by 75% of the voting members.
  4. The nomination shall be received in writing and voted on at the AGM of the club or a special meeting called by the President.
  5. The successful person shall be immediately recognised as a Life Member of Bar Reef Board Riders.
  6. He/She will be presented with Life membership at our Annual Presentation Day.