Rules and Regulations


  1. Only financial members are allowed to compete in monthly competitions.


  1. Club competitions will be held on the first Sunday of each month starting in February of each year. If the competition is cancelled on the first Sunday it will revert to the second Sunday of the month pending conditions. All events are individually registered.


  1. Competitors must register through "live heats" by midday (12pm) on the Friday prior to Competition. Registrations after cut-off are pending on vacancy in the division(s) registered for.


  1. The Contest Director will publish a draft schedule on the Saturday, With the finalised draw and heat times by 6.30am on the day of the Competition. The heats surfing first on the day will be notified the day before. Names will be displayed on the contest board for all competitors or via the whiteboard in “Live heats". It is the responsibility of the competitor to check their heat times on a regular basis as heat times may vary or change prior to their heat.


  1. Heat times are twenty minutes in length. Competitors can paddle out 5 minutes prior the commencement of their heat. 


  1. A siren or horn blast will be used to start and finish a heat. One siren will start a heat and two sirens will end the heat. There is a delay prior to the start of the next heat. Any waves caught prior to this siren will not be scored.


  1. Competitors are judged on their best two waves in their heat.


  1. If interference is called on a competitor that surfer will have their highest wave score deducted.


  1. Members of Bar Reef Board Riders are NOT allowed to surf in the competition area on competition days. Penalties will apply (loss of Championship points) if found to be doing so.


  1. Scoring Long Board division varies slightly to short board scoring. In particular combination of traditional and modern manoeuvres and use of footwork on the long board.


  1. All competitors must return to the beach in the prone position (lying down) at the completion of their heat.


  1. All competitors must return their contest shirt immediately at the completion of their heat.


  1. Organisers will do their best to rotate divisions on competition days, so the same divisions are not always last heats of the day.


  1. All competitors must judge at least one or more heats on competition days. Failure to judge may incur a penalty of Champion points.


There will be approximately 10 competitions throughout the year. Competitors must compete in 7 competitions to qualify for the championship trophy. An exception to this rule will apply if all competitors in one division do not compete in seven competitions or seven competitions are not contested.

Further information regarding rules and regulations can be found here: Surfing Australia Rule Book